What To Expect

adelaide speech pathologistInitial Assessment

Sally will discuss your concerns regarding your child's communication or learning development when booking your initial assessment appointment.   

During the initial appointment, Sally will gather a detailed background history of your child's development, your concerns regarding your child's speech, language or learning and expectations for the assessment session.  Any relevant medical or educational assessments reports that you have regarding your child will assist Sally during this process to formulate the most appropriate plan for supporting your child. 

The initial assessment session will last for up to an hour and may be conducted in a variety of ways depending on the age of your child and your concerns. On occasions, a second session to complete the assessment is required. The initial assessment fee includes the first session and a comprehensive written report.  

Therapy sessions

The therapy schedule will be tailored to suit your child and their communication difficulties. Weekly, fortnightly or less frequent review appointments may be offered.  Sally welcomes siblings to therapy appointments  when necessary, as she recognises that busy families do not always have alternative childcare arrangements.   

The recommendations and plan for therapy sessions will be discussed with you following the outcome of your child's assessment.  Therapy sessions usually last for up to 45 minutes and are intended to include fun therapy tasks which are demonstrated for you to follow up at home in order to support your child's progress in their development of speech sounds, language, literacy or fluency. Sally's considerable experience working with families has highlighted to her that the best results in therapy are achieved when parents are involved in their child's therapy and support the therapy goals with regular follow up of practise activities at home.